World’s Largest Lesson: Sustainable Development Goals

This September, world leaders are meeting in New York to officially agree the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a new set of goals that all countries will use for the next 15 years.

email-image-thank-you-filmThis year, as part of Send My Friend to School, over 500,000 children across the UK have been campaigning for world leaders to make the right decisions the UN summit, to ensure every child has a quality education. Now is the time to make sure that these decisions are put into practice.


How can we make sure they keep their promise?

One of the best ways of making sure we achieve the goals is to let everyone in the world know about them. That way, we can all hold our world leaders accountable. We’ve partnered up with the World’s Largest Lesson, which is all about spreading the word to ensure as many people across the world know about the goals. Your school can be part of that.

Join teachers and students around the world, and teach a lesson about the SDGs in the week of 28th September.

Here’s how: 

  1. Learn about the goals in class:

2. Do some fun activities with your class: check out our SDG Bingo!

3. Hold a mini UN Summit of your own. Download our factsheets and activity here, and perform it in assembly.

4. Read about the UN General Assembly in our news pages: UN General Assembly report, and Emily and George (our Young Ambassadors) took part in London events to mark the new SDGs

5. Watch and share our Campaign report film. Show other people what children across the UK have been doing this year to ensure the right decisions are made for education this September.

6.  If you haven’t already, sign up to take part in our campaign to put pressure on world leaders to ensure every child can go to school. Sign up today!

7. Lots more resources and teaching ideas are available from the World’s Largest Lesson pages on TES.