Schoolchildren holding up fabric banner saying 'Send My Friend to School'

Kelloe Primary

26th May 2010

Pupils made a 75m finger-knitted scarf.

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Chjldren displaying artwork

Christ Church School

10th May 2010

Christ Church pupils made online scarf messages, as well as creating posters and letters.

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Long line of children in a playground, holding up scarft artwork.

Spinfield School

8th May 2010

Spinfield students gathered signatures from family and friends to build their whole-school scarf.

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Schoolchildren holding up long colourful banner in school yard

Park School for Girls

30th April 2010

The whole school took part in the Send My Friend to School campaign this year.

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Large group of schoolchildren holding up banners

Wallacewell Primary

29th April 2010

Wallacewell pupils made a giant 1GOAL supporter scarf.

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Large group of children holding up yellow cards

Pool Hayes School

27th April 2010

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Children in wheelchairs holding a long paper scarf with artwork.

St Francis School

26th April 2010

Pupils collected signatures at home and in the school for their giant scarf.

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Children in 1GOAL t shirts with artwork.

Victoria Primary

26th April 2010

MP Pamela Nash asked a question in parliament, prompted by Victoria pupils’ messages.

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