Wallacewell Primary

Large group of schoolchildren holding up banners
Wallacewell pupils made a giant 1GOAL supporter scarf.

Our school is very keen to promote Global Citizenship. We try to incorporate it into our topics and are linked with Bondo Primary in Malawi.

Half of the P7 and P6 classes were on an Outward Bound week, the rest of the P6 & P7 classes were joined together and carried out the 3 lessons from the pack.

They also presented the 1GOAL assembly to the whole school and explained about the huge scarf we wanted to make. Each child designed and made part of a paper scarf, these were to be joined together to make a huge scarf (we have nearly 300 pupils!) and displayed around the fence of our huge football pitch.

However, Glasgow being Glasgow, it proved too windy, so the staff agreed to bring every child onto the pitch for a whole school photo. The children loved it!!