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African boy, head and shoulders

Mphatso’s story

22nd December 2012 real life stories

I envy my friends who go to school. I was eight years old the last time I went, but if I go now without a uniform the teachers chase me away.

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Three years with the girls of Arusha

3rd March 2012 video

Follow the journey through school of Baby, Namanyani, Maua and Nastura, in Arusha, Tanzania.

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10th February 2012

Explore real life stories, and ask who, what, why questions with this KS1 Activity Sheet.

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Girls education: Tanzania

14th March 2011 video

Follow the stories of Maua, Baby, Sophia and Namayani, who live in northern Tanzania.

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Baby from Tanzania

14th March 2010 video

Find out about the challenges of attending school for Baby, 11, in rural Tanzania.

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Namayani, from Tanzania

7th March 2010 video

Namayani’s parents are keen for her to go to school, but buying uniforms and exercise books is a problem for them.

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Maua, from Tanzania

7th March 2010 video

Maua’s mother never had the chance to go to school and is determined that her daughter should get an education.

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This is Tanzania

7th April 2010 video

An introduction to the country of Tanzania.

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Class of 2015 – Nigeria 2011

7th February 2011 video

Hear stories from students of Kabiji Primary School in central Nigeria.

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Zainabu from Tanzania

7th February 2010 video

Zainabu is doing well at school but worries that soon her education will come to an end.

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