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360 video – Malawian school

13th February 2017 real life stories

We gave children from a primary school in Malawi a 360 camera: come and explore with them!

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2017 Campaign Film

13th February 2017 video

Education is powerful and transformative. World leaders have promised a quality education to every child in the world. But a key piece of the puzzle is missing…

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2015 campaign achievements!

15th September 2015 video

Half a million young campaigners spoke up before world leaders met at the UN in September. Watch this to find out more about their achievements!

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World leader templates

11th May 2015

Use our templates to build your own 3D and 2D world leader figures, and remind world leaders what they need to do to get every child into school.

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Young Ambassadors' Ghana film

Emily and George in Ghana

3rd May 2015 video

Watch this film about our Young Ambassadors’ visit to Ghana, and teach about barriers to education.

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Joshua from Nigeria

30th March 2015 video

Watch this film to see how young education campaigner, Joshua, is helping children in his community go to school in Nigeria.

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Sefiyat from Nigeria

30th March 2015 video

Sefiyat, age 10, is unable to go to school. Watch this film to see how she feels about not getting the education she’s entitled to.

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2015 campaign - 3D world leaders

2015 Campaign film

27th March 2015

58 million children are still missing out on school. Watch this film to see what your school can do this important year to ensure world leaders finally give every child the education they are entitled to.

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Inspiring speeches

26th March 2015

Use these activity sheets to guide your students through writing inspiring speeches that will persuade world leaders of the need to send every child to school.

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Roz from Afghanistan

26th March 2015 real life stories

Meet Roz from Afghanistan. He is 14 years old. He would like to go to school but instead he has to work as a goat shepherd because his parents too ill to work.

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