Building Foundations teachers pack

One of the major impacts of emergencies, is that children can miss out on building a strong foundation in basic skills like reading, writing and maths. Only 10% of all crisis-impacted children in primary or secondary education are achieving minimum proficiency in maths or reading. In order for children to not fall behind in future studies and miss out on opportunities in their adult life it is critical that responses to support education in emergencies ensure that foundational skills are prioritised.

This teachers pack provides you with all the resources you need to support children to learn about the issues, solutions
around foundational learning in emergencies, and equip them with the tools to democratically influence their MPs to make genuine change. This project can be used as a standalone resource, or used to support your student’s learning as part of the Let My Friends Learn Education in Emergencies campaign, which you can download here.

Download the building foundations teachers pack here