SMF mini game

Policies to ask world leaders

Which policies will you ask for at which event? For each policy choose the G7/GPE or COP26. You may choose both if you wish.

Children everywhere learn about climate change in school, and are taught the skills they need to overcome climate breakdown

The rich countries provide enough money to make sure that 40 million more girls in the poorest countries go to school

Schools are built well enough to withstand the impacts of climate change – for example: storms and floods

The UK contributes £600 million to improve education in the world’s poorest countries over the next five years. This represents £120 million per year.

The UK promises to urgently reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050.

The rich countries spend more of their aid budgets to support education in the poorest countries. This will help the worst affected schools to recover from Covid-19

Countries pay special attention to making sure children with disabilities go to school and are not left out

Money from the climate change budget is spent on training girls to learn new skills for the green economy

More money is invested to pay for education in emergencies. Emergencies – for example: natural disasters, infections and conflicts – are likely to occur more often in the future

Countries give girls more opportunities to take part in decision making about their futures because girls are often left out in these decisions.

The UK uses its leadership of meetings in 2021 to ask all countries to work together and overcome Covid-19, conflict and climate breakdown, and get every child back learning

Children are given a greater say in decisions about climate change

The UK and other countries include education in their plans to tackle climate change

The UK spends 50% of its money for climate change on helping the poorest countries to adapt, and encourages other rich countries to do the same

The poorest countries are helped to get more girls into school – for example, by challenging child marriage, early pregnancy, period poverty, gender-based violence and bullying

Now use the results of this activity to complete a pop-up ‘school of the future’

Think about what decisions you would like to see made at the G7, GPE and COP26 conferences during 2021 to ensure schools of the future are equipped for all students, all around the world.