Statement: Campaign Champions call on UK to sign Safe Schools Declaration

Today the 2018 Send My Friend to School Campaign Champions released the following statement:

“We are 25 young people from across the UK who have come together to campaign on global education because we share a common passion to ensure that all children across the world enjoy a safe, quality, inclusive education. We strongly believe that every child deserves the same opportunities regardless of their background or identity.
We need to #MakeSchoolsSafe because no child should be denied right to education. Yet every year 246 million children experience some form of school violence. This is outrageous and has to stop! How are we expected to be the next generation of doctors, lawyers or world leaders when we are unable to receive a quality education?
Today we are releasing this joint statement to call on the UK Government to sign the Safe Schools Declaration and encourage other countries to do the same. 73 countries are already signed-up, 13 in the commonwealth, why aren’t we?
We are taking action because every child deserves a safe education. We have a right to be heard. You may be wondering what your role is in this. We need to work together to reach Theresa May in order to #MakeSchoolsSafe and get the Safe Schools Declaration signed.”