Chester Catholic High School

Group of young people in school uniform with MP.
Senior pupils invited their MP, Stephen Mosley, to school to hand over their Go for Gold messages.

Years 10 and 11 at Chester Catholic High School used the ‘Send My Friend to School’ campaign to gain credits towards their ASDAN course. The campaign provided opportunities for the students to gain an insight into the lives of children who are unable to attend school.

We looked at the value of education and how life chances can be increased if we all pull together to put pressure on world leaders to get all children into school.

Students decided to invite our local MP into school to receive the petition. Mr Stephen Mosley spent time with the students on 4 May explaining his role as an MP, listening to what the students had to say about the campaign and about issues that interest them.

Mr Mosley received the campaign in the form of colourful messages and poems, and promised to do his very best to do his bit to get all children into education by 2015.