Avonbourne School

Man seated at table with group of schoolchildren in uniform.

Cake and campaigning at Avonbourne School

A report from Julia Abbiss, Year 7:

Our Head of ICT invited year 7 students to use their ICT and acting skills for a very important purpose. As we are a Business and Enterprise School we have lots of projects which link with the real world beyond the classroom. I was one of the students who volunteered because I hate the fact that there are so many children in the world who don’t have the chance to go to school. Especially since more are girls due to the fact people think that boys are more important and would benefit from school more. It isn’t true, boys and girls would benefit from it just as much from going to school but this campaign helps those girls who are discriminated against.

Cake, iced with Send My Sister to School logo

We made a video about Send my Sister to School with 3 boys and 6 girls sitting on a bench. The boys talk about how great school was with flashbacks of their day like their science lesson where they burnt magnesium, their ICT lesson where they are learning new things, working as a team and having fun and also playing badminton. Then the girls say what they did while the boys where having fun at school with one reading a book upside down, one trying to write with a ruler, one counting the money she has left after going shopping for her family, one cleaning guns for the soldiers and one getting tired of being brought down because she is a girl and then decides to pose as a boy to experience school life.

On Friday 1st July Tobias Ellwood, our local MP, came to Avonbourne School to meet the video group. He saw the film clip and spoke at length with the students about the important issues involved. We shared a special cake made for the occasion with the website and logo of the campaign. We celebrated with our neighbouring school Portchester and the fact that we had encouraged hundreds of other young people to get involved.