Parkside Primary

Children displaying paper scarf artwork
The school’s giant scarf was unveiled at a special end of term celebration.

Our school has shown great support for this campaign. Primary 4/3 watched the campaign video online before partaking in the lessons from the ‘Send My Friend to School’ pack. The children learned that there are many children that do not have access to a primary education and are not as lucky as we are in this country. The children felt very strongly about this and so decided to inform the whole school about the campaign! P4/3 designed scarf pieces and helped to deliver a 1Goal school assembly, informing other pupils of the key aims and messages.

Following this, the other classes designed their own scarf pieces and we have joined all these together to create one enormous scarf. As a school, we collected over 2000 supporter signatures – including the author Michael Morpurgo. We unveiled the scarf at our ‘End of Term Celebration’ for everyone to see. Our scarf will now be sent to David Cameron to show our support for the global education campaign.

Sarah Henderson, Parkside Primary, Jedburgh