Waldegrave & Lady Eleanor Holles

Young people with banners and posters
Students at Waldegrave and Lady Eleanor Holles schools worked together to host a visit from their MP Vince Cable.

We received this report from Alice Davies, in Year 9 at Lady Eleanor Holles School:

On Friday 18th June, the Lady Eleanor Holles School showed their support for the 1Goal campaign: to get all children in the world a primary education by 2015.

‘The presentation from Waldegrave and Lady Eleanor Holles pupils was highly professional and was a very powerful message of support for global education. I fully support what the pupils are trying to achieve.’ Vince Cable, MP

We had an assembly in the morning from an Oxfam representative, who provided us with all the background knowledge we needed to know: what the problem was, what the children’s circumstances are and therefore why they cannot go to school despite wanting to do so. Finally he described to us what we could do about it. He also told us about the issues with children not getting an education and how that could affect them for the rest of their lives.

We then found that all we had to do to show our support was to come along at lunch time that day and sign and decorate part of the scarf for our school. When the time came, a tremendous amount of people turned up, and we soon ran out of scarf templates. Everyone made their part of the scarf very colourful with plenty of glitter!

Our scarf was presented to our MP, Vince Cable, a week later at a ceremony at Waldegrave School, who also took part in the 1GOAL campaign. As our scarf had so many contributors, we hope it will be even more effective in putting pressure on the government to achieve their Millennium goals. A lot of girls at LEH contributed to this charity effort, and it will make a big difference to the campaign, showing that young people do care about other children that need an education.