Tasui’s story

Tasui-and-his-family-540Fifteen year old Tasui from Nigeria loves to study. He wants to go back to school and become a lawyer so he can help other young people with disabilities.

Tasui got polio when he was just two years old. Since then he has been doing all he can to get himself the education he deserves.

“I got polio when I was very young. All it did was stop me from walking like other children. I managed to start school when I was seven. I loved school. The teachers were nice to me and the other children helped me to get around. It was hard for me to get to school though. So I learnt to walk on my hands and knees and leave very early in the morning.”

When Tasui was ten his parents were worried he wasn’t getting the support he needed and sent him to a special college.

“Because I was disabled my parents thought it was better for me to learn a skill rather than study. I stayed there for three years and learnt to polish and repair shoes.”

For the past three years Tasui has been helping at home. He also works and begs in the market so he can help his family and earn enough money to study again.

“I would love to learn to read and write again. I feel bad about not being able to see my friends and that they are getting an education and I can’t. I want to go to school because I want to become a lawyer so I can help people.”