Anjali Kareer

My name is Anjali Kareer I am a campaign champion for send my friend to school. I believe that every child around the world has a right to good quality education. Educating every child is at the centre of a country progression and development. At send my friend we work hard to ensure that every child no matter race, gender or ethnicity gets their access to education. As well as working with send my friend, I have worked with Save the children and spoke out to foreign minsters and leaders reminding them that they need to have a bigger push on education, even more so that global events such as climate change and civil wars which have impacted education for too long should no longer be the reason why kids miss out on having a better life.


Parveen Dhaliwal, 16 years old

Hi, I’m Parveen! I’ve been a campaign champion for Send My Friend for a year and in my time there I have written to various MPs, attended a panel event for Oxfam and have been part of lots of other amazing opportunities. I am very passionate about making sure every child has access to a proper education and ensuring equal rights for all women. In my free time I like spending time with others, reading and trying new foods!


Elliot Smith, 14

Brown hair and eyes, average height, likes video games, history and politics. I am passionate about activism, equality and raising awareness on the rise of antisemitism. I can play the drums to and intermediate level.


Finn Ridson, Age 14:

I am a Year 10 student at Bingley Grammar School in West Yorkshire. My hobbies are tending to my garden when I want to relax and listening to music when I have some spare time. I am passionate about European Politics, and when I grow up, I’d like to work in the EU. I have been campaigning for Send My Friend since 2020, and have liaised with ministers from all over the world, and politicians from the UK.


Joey Pugh, Age 15

I play the violin and am learning to sing classically. Also, I find football very enjoyable. I have participated in The Mock Court Trials with school as an extra-curricular activity and got experience of how to be a magistrate and a lawyer. This taught me how the legal system works. I have campaigned against Climate Change and have written a song/poem about how many children in Yemen didn’t have access to education due to the serious unrest there for the ‘Save the Children’ charity. In Year 8, I also campaigned for refugees to be welcomed in the UK and we celebrated (and encouraged people to celebrate) the diversity of Swindon with the Swindon City of Sanctuary who were leading the ’20 Welcomes’ campaign. In this, we were filmed and collectively, we made a poem about how diverse and amazing Swindon is that is still on YouTube. I am passionate about music and I love the idea of expressing emotions and words through music and I think that can help to bring people together.


Stephen Obure, Age 15

I am thoughtful, hard-working and I love working in groups. My hobbies include reading, gaming, watching TV and playing the piano. I’ve also recently tried picking up the guitar. I like running and often go with my Dad. I’m really looking forward to co-operating with other people during the training.


Mollai Hughes, Age 15

I really enjoy sports and PE. I play Gaelic for a team in Belfast. My favourite subject in school is English or Irish.


Tierna Hoy, Age 15

I enjoy playing football and being with friends. I am passionate about animal welfare- I am vegetarian also.

Ella Montgomery, Age 15.

I enjoy playing sports and music, and I enjoy performing. I am passionate about equality for all, specifically in education, and everyone having equal opportunities.


Gabriel Bouabci, Age 15.

My name is Gabriel Bouabci, I am 15 years old born in England, but my family are from Brazil and I am a year 10 student at Sir John Lawes school. I am diagnosed with autism and I am interested in Graphics. I hope to be a Graphic Designer when I am older. I also enjoy playing some sports such as Football and Tennis, playing the piano and I also take part in Explorers which is part of the Scouting community. I also enjoy watching comedies. People who know me say that I am a nice, caring and polite person.


James Wall, Age 16

Hi! I’m James Wall, from Upton-by-Chester High School. I’m 16 years old and I’ve been a campaign champion for Send My Friend since 2020. I’ve taken part in many events, including campaigning in my local area, talking to MPs and APPGs regarding education, roundtable discussions, food bank collections and more. I’m passionate about issues surrounding poverty, racism, wealth inequality, and (of course!) education. Outside of campaigning, I enjoy playing the piano, competitive swimming, and reading.


Sophie, Age 16

My name is Sophie Mason, I am 16-years-old, and attend Upton-by-Chester High School in Cheshire. In my free time I enjoy music (especially playing the clarinet), dancing, and art. I am particularly passionate about climate change and sustainability as well as women’s rights, and have been campaigning with Send My Friend to School since 2020.