Send My Friend to School- General Election Statement

The Send My Friend to School coalition (SMF) congratulates the new Labour government, and calls for them to champion and strengthen global education within the international development political agenda. 

As the new government prepares to take forward their mission to create ‘a world free from poverty on a livable planet’, SMF urges that the rights of children and young people are at the heart of this, by ensuring that quality and inclusive education is embedded within their mandate.

Everyday we see how education promotes hope, solidarity, critical thinking, empowers teachers and learners, and is life-saving and life-protecting in times of emergencies. Yet, it remains one of the most underfunded of the Sustainable Development Goals, and under these financial constraints it is often the most marginalised children and young people who get left behind.

Going forward, the UK must redouble efforts to get education and lifelong learning back on track, close the education financing gap and support partner governments to build resilient and inclusive education systems. Only then can every child, everywhere, be fully equipped to navigate our rapidly changing world. 

We welcome the opportunity to work alongside the new government and play a transformative role to realising education for all.