Download our new school’s pack: Our Manifesto for the World

MAKE SURE YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE A VOICE IN THE UK GENERAL ELECTION. Learn about the UK General Election and the Sustainable Development Goals, and influence candidates by writing a Manifesto for the World.


On Wednesday 22 May 2024 the Prime Minster called a UK General Election to take place on Thursday 4 July.

Across the country, candidates began campaigning to be their constituency’s MP in the next Parliament. This is an ideal time for young people to learn about the General Election and influence their newly elected MP to play their part in building a more just, peaceful and equal world.

This resource takes teachers and young people on an exploration of British democracy, ending with the writing of a collaborative manifesto based on the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. Schools the present their manifestos to MPs following the election. This project is perfect as a standalone project, or to follow on from the Let My Friends Learn 2023-25 schools campaign

Our Manifesto for the World was jointly produced by Send My Friend to School, Oxfam and Christian Aid. It is available on all our websites.