Campaign Champions Residential 2024

On 8th March 2024, this year’s Send My Friend to School Campaign Champions arrived in Stratford Upon Avon for a weekend of Campaign training! Our amazing Campaign Champions had a varied weekend learning about the campaign, and gaining skills and knowledge such as:

  • advocacy skills and techniques
  • what it means to be a campaigner
  • the importance of wellbeing
  • an in depth look at our Let My Friends Learn campaign, and what it means to campaign in solidarity
Campaign Champions at Residential 2024

                                                Campaign Champions at Residential 2024

Two of this year’s Campaign Champions, Iman and Alessandro from Thornleigh Salesian college in Bolton share their thoughts below:

Iman and Alessandro in Send My Friend to School Tshirts

        Iman, 14 (left) and Alessandro, 14 (right)


“Going to the training was an amazing experience and getting to meet so many people from all over the UK who share the same views on the right to global education was extremely refreshing. I personally believe that having an education can bring many opportunities into someone’s life. It is also an opportunity to remove many barriers. In training we got to learn the variety of problems that are present in the world but also the many solutions that can be used to overcome these obstacles. In my eyes it’s very simple: education is a human right therefore we ALL deserve it.”


“I loved the residential because it told us all the different perspectives on education. Also we did not just discuss the issues but the solutions . We learned how to make people aware so that we can fix the global problem. I am really looking forward to going to parliament to show the MPs the action we are taking for education. I believe education is really important as it is the first step to achieving a career and fulfilling your dreams. A small action can change big things, every action makes a change”.

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