Send My Friend Week of Action: July 3rd-7th 2017

The election results are in and we are welcoming our new or returning MPs to represent us and speak up for the issues we care about.

MPs will be sitting down to think about their to-do lists for the next five years. Achieving a quality education for every child is at the top of our to-do list and we want your help to ensure that it gets to the top of theirs too.

What better time to act than during our Week of Action, 3rd – 7th July.

Thousands of young people in schools in all corners of the UK are taking part in the 2017 Send My Friend to School campaign, and there will be a crescendo of activity in the Week of Action. To get the attention of MPs, Send My Friend campaigners are creating paper puzzle pieces, to represent that financing is the missing piece of the education puzzle (details of which are in the Teacher’s Pack).

If your school is not yet involved – sign up here to get your FREE Teacher’s Pack with everything you need to bring the campaign to life in your classroom including case studies, films and activity sheets.

The Week of Action is the time to:

  1. Get as many young people in your school to create paper puzzle piece messages as possible.
  2. Have your MP visit school and present the puzzle pieces to them. Check out our MP Toolkit here.
  3. Spread the word using your local media. Check out our Local Press Toolkit here.

Let us know what your school is planning by filling in this form. (If the Week of Action dates don’t work for you or your MP then it is still good to take part on different dates.)

In the General Election campaign, global issues didn’t receive much air time. But with the election of a new government, now is the time to ensure that world leaders keep their promises and invest in education for the world’s children.

Got a question or want some support with the campaign? Just get in touch on or 0207 793 3970.