‘He Named Me Malala’

“He Named me Malala” depicts the life of the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner,  Malala Yousafzai and her campaign for global education.

Davis Guggenheim (director of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’), explores the life of the human rights campaigner, who survived a brutal Taliban shooting in 2012 after speaking out about girls’ rights to an education.

The documentary shows Malala – now 17 years old – making impassioned speeches at the United Nations, campaigning, and also spending time at home with her family, including her father Ziauddin, himself a vocal defender of the right to education.

This film spans a period of 18 months in which Malala campaigned in Britain, Kenya, Nigeria, Abu Dhabi and Jordan, and also depicts the years before the shooting in October 2012, when Taliban gunmen opened fire on the then 14-year-old Malala on her school bus.

As Guggenheim observed to CBS; whilst Malala has achieved extraordinary things, she is also just a “normal girl… but she saw something she loved being threatened, she saw her school being threatened, and she spoke out. She used her voice. And that’s one of the themes of this movie, the power of your voice.”

  • He Named Me Malala is released in Britain on 6 November