Preston Street Primary School

Pupils from Preston Street Primary School have been busy raising their voices for the Send My Friend campaign.  A pupil, Imogen, wrote a thoughtful piece about the day.

Student, Imogen, wrote in her blog post:

“Yesterday we had an opening ceremony in honour of the Preston Street Games and the Send All My Friends to School Campaign. Shelia Gilmore MP and Marco Biagi MSP attended the event, they sat in the front row of the audience and both spoke about the event and how we did.

“Send All My Friends to School is a campaign that helps with global education in the less developed countries. Maisie and Rebecca are the young ambassadors for the 2014 Send All My Friends to School campaign. This year’s focus is to make sure that children with a disability have the same chances and the same opportunities as children without a disability. Schools in the less developed countries often do not have the right facilities, equipment or support for children with disabilities.

“Here in the UK – I would say that we often just take school for granted. Education is the most important thing in a child’s life. The children we learned about with disabilities are determined to go to school and get themselves an education, so if it wasn’t for a lack of equipment and special support then all these children would be in school learning, happy and not stuck at home. School fees also mean that the parents cannot afford to buy uniform, books and all the stationary that you need for school.”

Students, Isam, Rosie, Morven, Fatima, Thai  and Hamza were photographed with their MP, Sheila Gilmore.