Inspiring messages from Lucy’s friends

In May, over 1,000 young people from around the world wrote messages telling world leaders why Lucy should be able to go to school.

More than 1,000 young, inspiring writers took up the challenge to write a persuasive letter to world leaders telling them why Lucy from Kenya, who has a disability, needs to go to school. The challenge was set by the 100 Word Challenge – a weekly creative writing challenge for pupils under 16 – on behalf of Send My Friend to School.

With just 100 words to make their case, we were hugely impressed with the quality of the entries received.  The letters highlighted how unfair it is that some children have the chance to go to school while others don’t, simply because they have a disability.  They urged world leaders to do more to ensure that all children can access the quality education they are entitled to.

Special congratulations go to the UK entries from Ben, Emma and Holly, who were in the top 18 entries from around the world!  Take a look:

Ben from Lord Street Primary School wrote:

Dear World Leaders,

Why is it that children (like Lucy) are still missing out on a primary education when in 2000 you promised to get all children into school by 2015?  Despite some improvements,  57 million children are still missing out!  If you where disabled and living in a poor country wouldn’t you want the chance to go to school?

Countless people are supporting the ‘Send all my friends to school’ campaign to help children like Lucy get the education they need.  Keep your promise – send them to school and help them live the life they truely deserve.

Yours Sincerely


Holly from Aveley Primary School wrote:

Dear David Cameron,

I am writing you this letter to inform you that there are children out there who are desperate to go to school, but can’t because of an illness they have or because it will take 2-3 hours to walk. YOU can change this completely.

Imagine really wanting an education but physically being unable have it while every day you watch your friends go by skipping to school. How must that feel? What can be done to change this? YOU can help

I implore you to raise this issue with other world leaders and ensure that ALL children have the education they deserve.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely

Emma from Langham Village School wrote:

Why shouldn’t Lucy (and the other 57000000 kids that can’t get to school) go to school?

Governments around the world promised that by 2015 all children around the world would be able to go to school for an education. There is no reason why not and the disease Lucy contracted when she was a baby, wasn’t her fault.

There are 57 million children still not going to school and more than a third of these children are ill/disabled.

She hasn’t done anything wrong. She would love to go to school just like her friends. Why would world governments make such promises then break them?

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The 100 Word Challenge needs lots of people to read & comment. You don’t have to be a teacher – just enjoy reading fabulous writing & wanting to support young writers. For more information go to Team 100 

Photo:  © Arjun Kohli/Arete Stories/ActionAid