Danesholme Infant School

330 pupils at Danesholme Infant School got involved in Send My Friend to School activities.

We wanted every child in the school to take part so, to keep it simple, each child was given a template to cut out and colour to make themselves and a friend holding hands.  They each wrote their message on the back. Each class joined their work to make a long ‘paper chain’ of children.

We invited Andy Sawford, our local MP, to come to school to receive our messages on the chains to take to London.  He has since replied and hopes to arrange for some children to visit the Houses of Parliament in September. We decorated our hall with paper chains and posters for his visit and one group held up their chain around the hall.  It looked very impressive!

The children’s messages were simple but to the point and showed good understanding of what we are all trying to achieve. They also had a lot of fun taking part.