Ravenshead C of E Primary School

Around 450 children from 7 schools took part in a large ‘teacher-making’ event at Ravenshead C of E Primary School in Nottinghamshire on Friday 14th June.  Mark Spencer, MP for Sherwood, attended the event, where children called on him to support the Send My Friend to School campaign.

On Friday 14th June, children from Ravenshead C of E Primary School in Nottinghamshire, along with visiting pupils from Python Hill, Lake View, Abbey Gates, Heathlands and Blidworth Oaks primary schools, as well as Joseph Whitaker secondary school, gathered to take part in an impressive teacher-making event.

Mark Spencer, MP for Sherwood, was invited to attend the event, where he was presented with hundreds of cut-out teachers, and a message for the Prime Minister: to support every child’s right to education and a good teacher.

Frankie, 7, from Ravenshead C of E Primary School, said that her message to David Cameron would be “that every child should go to school and have a good teacher.”  Ruby, also 7 from Ravenshead, said “we learned about schools in Kenya in Africa” and she felt the campaign was important “so that more people can get teachers and get into school.”

After making their teachers – decorated with bright colours, and messages calling for education for every child – the children gathered in the playground to display their teachers.  Mark Spencer addressed the children, and promised to pass a message to the Prime Minister that the UK government should help to ensure that all children around the world have teachers.

Photo: © Mark Chilvers/ActionAid